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Millennium Concepts
Comprehensive Computer Solutions For Today's Businesses

Companies We Work With That We Have/Had Tremendous Success Include:

Heavy Equipment Manufacturers: Ask us about how we took sales of heavy duty commercial trailers for one client from 2-3 units per month to 3-5 Per Week!

Flooring Retailers & Wholesalers: We have nearly 20 years experience marketing retail and wholesale over the Internet. Ask Us More.

Restaurant & Food Industry: From smaller single location businesses to some of the largest food and related service industry clients. With Provable Records Of Past Success!

Apparel Industry: Major successes with the countries largest retailers of specific type of clothing. Competing and beating natioanlly known compeitiors, and YES, We Can Prove It!


Search Engine Services Pennsylvania

Millennium Concepts has many client's with very high ranking search engine marketing results.
They save on average of 2/3 the cost of what they have been paying in paid ads and get on average far more leads and generated sales from our efforts.

Virtually every single one of our client's has very good rankings in the search engines for their products/services either globally, nationally or at least almost always regionally.

Can we Guarantee You #1 Rankings In Google Naturally?
NO! NO Ethical Company Will!

Anyone who does make you such a promise is either lying or something else, like using Pay Per Click, which can cost a large amount of money per term, per click, and once your budget runs out, your rankings are gone.

More often they go after terms NO ONE uses to search.

Other times they are selling you banner ads or using some scheme that will often end up hurting your site Long Term in the Search Engines...

How do we reach such high rankings for our client's and what kind?

Our client's websites rank very high
NATURALLY, without extensive pay per click costs, for keywords, terms, phrases that are truly sought after terms,

Be sure you educate yourself thoroughly before choosing a search engine marketing service!

Contact us and find out what most services will not tell you!

U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Inc.
"The search market has become the Holy Grail of Internet advertising and continues to grow faster than our expectations." 
U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Inc.

According to Brand Week Online Magazine, 
"Search engine optimization may be just one part of an online Internet marketing strategy, but it is the fundamental part. It's the baseline. If you are doing nothing 
else, search engine placement and keyword-related advertising can make 
up 80 to 90 percent of your traffic."

Regional Search Offers Explosive Business Growth Potential

What is regional search and how can it benefit your business?

Do you think just because your business only serves a certain region or area that you don't need a website or local promotion services? Think Again!
Phone book use is dropping at such a rapid rate, most people looking for a local business, service simply search using what they are looking for a with a local, regional, town name, etc.

Our average customer has a 10-40%  increase (Many increase visits and leads by way over 100%+) in their overall business within 12-18 months after utilizing our services, and YES, we can prove it!

That is not a bold statement. 
That is a verifiable fact.

How can we make such a claim?

The average business is no where close to utilizing the Internet of today to grow and expand their business. 

We show you solid practical and ethical ways your company can capitalize on the ever increasing market share available to your company.

Contact Us today and find out what we can do for your business.

Economical Search Engine Optimization Services Pennsylvania 
Consulting, Optimization And Implementation
Economical Search Engine Optimization

Services Available Include:  

  • Keyword Research Up to 100 or more keywords will be researched to determine if your target market is really searching for the words that you think that they are.

  • Keyword Selection
    Search terms that actually show high placement and marketing potential will be chosen to incorporate into your search engine optimization and internet marketing project.

  • Search Engine Compliant Web Design Analysis
    Some  web design practices could actually lower the high search engine ranking potential of your web site or prevent it from being listed altogether.  If any of these issues exist in your web site, we will report it to you, make recommendations and offer our services to facilitate effective changes at your discretion.

  • Spider/Crawler Accessibility And Conformity
    We make sure that your web site conforms with search engine friendly guidelines and is search engine spider/crawler  friendly  to ensure that optimized pages are crawled, spidered and indexed.

  • Search Engine Optimized  HTML Coding
    The HTML of your web pages must be properly optimized and coded to ensure high search engine positioning potential.

  • Website Content Development
    Should your web site require additional content to meet the needs of your visitors and to increase the success rate of your search engine marketing campaign, content development services are available.

  • Hand Submissions
    Your web site will be submitted by hand to the major search engines and directories. Submission to additional search engines available. In depth submission services, are also available.

  • Additional Web Site Advertising & Visibility
    Services utilized can include but are not limited to, management of pay per click advertising, posting of products and services in related forums and groups. Newsletter consulting, development, management.

  • Search Engine Ranking Monitoring and Reporting
    Your search engine positions relating to your website and keywords can be  monitored and reported to you on a monthly basis.

  • E-mail Consultations Consult with a Comp TIA trained, certified  specialist by e-mail. Per service as well as ongoing consulting packages are available

  • Phone Consultations Consult with a Comp TIA trained, certified  specialist by phone. Per service as well as ongoing consulting packages are available.

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